Schedules, Maps and Brochures

How can I find out when the next bus will arrive?

Check out the Next Bus website for real-time arrival predictions for any stop in our system.

Where can I find the Circulator bus schedule?

DC Circulator buses arrive every 10 minutes, no timetables needed! To see our hours of operation information, visit our schedule page.

Where can I download a print ready version of the DC Circulator map?

A print-ready PDF version of the DC Circulator Map and Information brochure is available for download here.

How can I have a copy of the DC Circulator map mailed to me?

The DC Circulator Map and Information brochure is available for complimentary delivery to any U.S. address through CommuterPage.com’s Free Brochures by Mail program. To request yours today, simply visit the order page and select “DC Circulator Bus” from the menu. Enter your contact information and the brochure will be mailed to your home or office, free of charge.

Can I request a bulk order of maps for my hotel or business?

Yes. To request a large quantity of printed DC Circulator Map and Information brochures, please complete an email form on our contact us page. Include the name and nature of your business and a representative will contact you shortly.

Where can I pick up a DC Circulator map in person?

Printed DC Circulator Map and Information brochures are placed on every Circulator bus and are also available at various brochure stands around the Metro DC area.


Do Circulator buses accommodate wheelchairs or motorized scooters?

All buses are equipped to accommodate wheelchairs and motorized scooters and are designed with low floors and low floor ramps for accessibility. Designated areas with wheelchair securements are located on each bus. For detailed information on accommodations for disabled riders, visit our accessibility page.

Are the stops announced inside the Circulator bus for those who may not be able to see outside?

Our policy requires every operator to announce the immediate upcoming bus stop using the public address system installed in each bus. If you are not able to hear the driver’s announcements, you may ask him/her to repeat the stop address or to adjust the volume of the speaker system.

Fares and Payment Information

How much does it cost to ride the DC Circulator?

The base fare for DC Circulator rides is $1 per person, per trip. Discounts available for seniors and students. Visit the fares and payments page for details.

Are WMATA, VRE and MARC monthly passes and TransitLink Cards accepted for free transfers on Circulator?

DC Circulator accepts the $17.50 7-day WMATA regional bus pass, which can only be loaded on to the Smartrip card. For more information visit: https://www.wmata.com/fares/farecard-options.cfm

Parking and Wayfinding

Where can I park my vehicle to board the DC Circulator?

DC Circulator routes do not have designated parking areas for customers to leave their vehicles. If you are seeking general tips for parking in DC, goDCgo.com’s Car Resources page is a great reference.

How can I determine which Circulator route is closest to my desired address?

Our new and improved Interactive Map will identify the closest Circulator bus stops to your location. Simply enter your address here.

Boarding with Personal Items

Can I bring a scooter on the bus?

Scooters can be brought on board at the operator’s discretion and based on available space inside the bus. Only one scooter per passenger is allowed. Scooters cannot be charged on the bus.

Can I bring my bike on the bus?

Yes, each Circulator bus is equipped with two bike holders on the front. Visit our Bikes on Circulator page for full instructions and tips.

Are strollers allowed on the Circulator bus and will my stroller fit?

Strollers are welcome, up to two at a time, on the DC Circulator. For detailed information on size restriction and guidelines for strollers. Visit our Strollers on Circulator page.

Can I keep my stroller open while riding the bus?

Children can remain inside their strollers while on the bus only if the wheels are locked and there is enough room to maintain a safe riding environment. Circulator drivers have the right to ask passengers to fold their stroller an place it under the seat if necessary.

Are animals allowed on the Circulator bus?

Yes, service animals are allowed on Circulator buses without a crate or container. Pets are also allowed to board the DC Circulator. However, all pets must be contained in a crate or container specifically manufactured for the safe transport of animals and must remain contained and restrained for the entire duration of the trip.

Lost and Found

What if I lose something on the bus?

If you have left an item on the bus, fill out our contact form as soon as possible. Please include the route you were on, time of day and description of the item(s). We will try our best to locate the item and return it to you. Learn more here

Where can I pick up my item?

The address for RATPDev, the operator of DC Circulator, is 1710 17th Street NE Washington, DC 20002.


How will I know if there is a delay?

View our Alerts and Advisories page and/or follow us on Twitter, @dccirculator. When a delay or service disruption occurs, we use Twitter to get the word out quickly. For information on planned service disruptions, subscribe to our email list here. Our homepage also lists the current service status for each route.

My bus made an unscheduled stop. Why is that?

At certain points throughout the service day, Circulator buses may make a layover – an occasional unscheduled stop for a short period of time. Layovers are necessary to maintain 10 minute intervals and provide you with consistent on-time performance. Since the Circulator operates on headways and not timetables, layovers help to prevent buses on each route from traveling too closely to one another. Additionally, they allow our drivers to gain the rest they need to remain alert and operate the bus safely.

Customer Experience

Are the DC Circulators air conditioned?

In order to meet ridership demands, there are a few Van Hool buses from 2005 that remain in service. These buses were not originally manufactured with a strong air conditioning unit, but were retrofitted with AC at a later date. Sometimes the summer weather in DC gets the best of them.

We are diligently working to retire all the Van Hool buses. In the last five years, we have added several new buses that are all fully equipped with air conditioning that properly cools the vehicle during hot days.

What is DC Circulator doing to keep riders safe during the pandemic?

DC Circulator’s mission is to deliver affordable, comfortable, and efficient bus service that connects people to business, culture, and entertainment throughout the District. Learn more about what we’re doing to help keep riders safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) and promote proper transit safety so you can ride with confidence.