DC Circulator Wants to Hear from You!

We want your input on our 2020 Transit Development Plan (TDP)—an analysis that combines data and rider feedback to shape our vision for the future! With your help, we will explore ways to enhance our current service.

System Evaluation Survey open now until April 24!

The 2011 DC Circulator TDP, the first such plan for the DC Circulator in its 15-year history, called for a TDP update every three years to keep up with system needs and enhancements. The first TDP update was released in 2014, and the second in 2017. Now, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is updating the TDP once again as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the service. The 2020 Transit Development Plan Update will focus on enhancing the existing service and provide guidelines to extend the system to Ward 7.

The current plan includes

  • Evaluation of system performance – We will analyze rider experience on DC Circulator and current performance.
  • Operations planning – The plan will take a close look at the operations and safety of the DC Circulator system.
  • System expansion – We are expanding the DC Circulator to provide residents with more transit options to get where they need to go.

DC Circulator staff will be attending Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and community meetings in Ward 7 throughout the winter and spring to provide more information on the plan and hear your feedback. Look out for a System Evaluation Survey and Meet-the-Rider events coming in April.

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