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About the 2020 Transit
Development Plan


The 2020 Transit Development Plan

DC Circulator’s mission is to deliver affordable, comfortable, and efficient bus service that connects people to business, culture, and entertainment throughout the District. To support this mission, DC Circulator adopted its first Transit Development Plan in 2011 and has since regularly updated it every three years.

The most recent version, the 2020 Transit Development Plan, is available now for public comment.*

The plan outlines service changes aimed to better align District Department of Transportation (DDOT) resources with growing activity centers and improve the reliability of DC Circulator service. DDOT expects the proposed changes to be implemented in 2023.

Read the 2020 Transit Development Plan

The major points described in the plan:

      1. Propose opportunities for improvements to the Circulator system’s operations and performance District-wide.
      2. Recommend the expansion and the reintroduction of Circulator service to Ward 7.
      3. Propose an extension of the Dupont Circle– Rosslyn (RS-DP) route to U Street NW.

Get Involved

DDOT is collecting feedback on the above proposed changes through Friday, May 28, 2021.

You have two options to give feedback on the plan:

      1. Through our contact form.
      2. Via the DC Circulator Customer Service Line at 202-671-2020.

*You can request a hard copy of the plan from the DDOT office at 250 M Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 Please email with “2020 TDP Review” in the subject line to arrange pick-up.