Finance Manager

Job Summary:

The Finance Manager is a key member of the transit management team at DC Circulator.  The position will direct and oversee the financial functions for DC Circulator and DC Streetcar.

Essential Functions / Process Responsibilities include the following; other duties may be assigned as necessary:

  • Provide financial reports and interpret financial information to managerial staff while recommending further courses of action
  • Develop and administer operating and capital budgets based on goals and assumptions for each year
  • Work with General Manager and other staff to design a framework to manage budgets
  • Monitor and process reimbursable expenses for pass-through work for the client
  • Oversee functions of the finance department
  • Analyze expenses and revenue with the company’s actual performance compared to the budget
  • Support the management team during labor contract negotiations
  • Monitor payroll process to identify trends and provide quality control for accuracy
  • Develop financial trends and analyses regarding the finances of the Streetcar and Circulator
  • Conduct reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities
  • Liaison with auditors to ensure appropriate monitoring of company finances is maintained
  • Correspond with various other departments, discussing company plans and agreeing on future paths to be taken

Preferred Education, Experience and Residency:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting/finance
  • Five (5) years of experience related to job tasks
  • Management experience with more than five (5) employees is required
  • City government finance experience is preferred
  • Advanced excel skills required
  • Knowledge of systems (design/implementation)
  • Ability to successfully communicate with executives

We highly encourage DC residents seeking a rewarding career to apply for this great opportunity to serve District.

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RATP Dev is an equal opportunity employer.