Circulator 10-Year Transit Development Plan

The DC Circulator plan identifies priority corridors for service improvement and expansion over a 10 year period. It serves as a guide for shaping the future of the system and recommends a specific course of action for new or enhanced service based on current transit needs. The original plan was finalized in March 2011 and is updated every three years.

To support the development of the plan, DDOT and its partners completed the following steps:

  1. Evaluated the existing DC Circulator system through rider surveys and operational analyses
  2. Analyzed current and forecasted demographic, economic and land use data and plans
  3. Established a community advisory panel to provide input on the goals of the system and future priorities
  4. Conducted focus groups with riders and non-riders and interviewed key stakeholders
  5. Developed long-term priority corridors and short-term service recommendations
  6. Heald public meetings to report findings to the public

DDOT is currently working to implement projects outlined in the 2017 Transit Development Plan Update.

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2014 Transit Development Plan

2014 Circulator 10 Year Transit Development Plan
2014 Transit Development Plan Executive Summary

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Appendix B
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Appendix D
Appendix E
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Appendix G

2011 Transit Development Plan

2011 Circulator 10 Year Transit Development Plan
2011 Transit Development Plan Appendices