Notice to Riders: Construction Impeding DP-RS Route

We apologize for the unplanned disruption to normal service at the New Hampshire Avenue and M Street NW stop on our Dupont Circle – Georgetown – Rosslyn Route. We are currently working with DDOT and our operations team to resolve the matter.

Due to ongoing construction on N Street NW, space on this road has been constricted, and our longer vehicles are unable to make the standard right turn onto N Street safely. Because of this limited access to N Street, some of our buses are forced to continue traveling along 19th Street, turning right on M Street, bypassing the stop at New Hampshire NW.

There are two ways we are working to improve access to N Street for all DC Circulator vehicles, and restore usual service at our New Hampshire Avenue stop:

  1. Working with DDOT parking enforcement to restricting parking in the area, freeing space to facilitate the turn.
  2. Working with stakeholders of the construction site to ensure sufficient and safe spacing along the travel lane.

Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused and will continue to post updates as we work to resolve this issue. For those who are able we recommend you please use our stops on M Street, NW and 24th Street NW or 19th Street, NW (near Dupont Circle).