DC Circulator Bus Stop Flags

DC Circulator FlagBeginning February 15, 2017, the DC Circulator stop flags got a new look. We installed more than 130 new, redesigned bus stop signs throughout the six-route system. Each flag now features:

  • A unique bus stop ID number
  • Respective color-coded route icon and acronym
  • DC Circulator’s website address
  • New customer service phone number


In an effort to create safe and passenger-friendly pick-up and drop-off locations, the DC Circulator’s new stop flags support our mission to provide responsive and helpful customer support.

If you need to contact the DC Circulator, call the customer service number (202-671-2020) and provide the representative the bus ID number.


What is a designated stop?

Designated stops are pre-determined locations where DC Circulator buses can safely pick-up and drop-off passengers. DC Circulator bus stop flags (or signs) are placed at these designated stop locations to help passengers and the community identify both the route on which a bus travels and the locations where it stops.

What do the color-coded route icons on each bus stop flag mean?

Each of the six DC Circulator routes is identified by color. The new flags prominently display the color-coded icon that corresponds with each route in the system.

Will every designated stop have a bus stop flag?

Yes, each DC Circulator stop will be paired with a designated flag.