Navigate Metrorail Shutdowns with Circulator

Navigate Metrorail Shutdowns with Circulator

Beginning Saturday, August 11, through Aug. 26, Metrorail will close Blue line service in The District and Maryland due to track work. Delayed headways on Orange and Silver lines (every 20 minutes) will also affect riders in the area. Commuters and visitors are being encouraged to use alternate transportation to avoid platform crowding and major delays.

DC Circulator service can provide alternate transportation options to riders affected by Metrorail’s service changes. We will be running normal service in DC and Rosslyn with buses every 10 minutes, at just $1 per ride.

Know Before You Go

  • Find all the details regarding Metrorail’s upcoming service changes here.
  • Try our interactive map to see how DC Circulator can provide alternative transportation for your impacted route.
  • Download a Circulator map and information brochure for on-the-go navigation.

Points of Interest

Pay the Same Way

The good news is that Circulator trips are always $1 (or less if you earn a transfer discount). Bring your SmarTrip card for easy payment. Learn more about our fares and payment policies here.

If you’re new to Circulator. Enhance your ride with our free onboard Wi-Fi and USB ports for charging. Look out for the new electric buses on a route near you.

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