Service Alert: GT–US Service to Split for Nuclear Security Summit, 3/30/16 (7 PM) – 4/2/16 (Noon)

DC Circulator to Split GT-US route for the Nuclear Security Summit, March 30- April 2

The modified service will begin March 30 at 7pm and end April 2 at noon.

To provide service along the majority of the route, the Georgetown – Union Station route will spilt into two segments: Whitehaven – McPherson Square and Union Station – Mount Vernon Square.

 Service will not be provided between McPherson Square and Mount Vernon Square.

Passengers should be aware that there will be limited pedestrian traffic on K St. NW. It is recommended that passengers use I St. NW to transfer.

During this event the following stops will be closed:

Passengers can board at Massachusetts Ave. NW / 5th St (westbound) to continue to Union Station.

  • K St. NW / 12th St.
  • K St. NW / 11th St.
  • New York Ave. NW / 9th St.
  • Massachusetts Ave. NW / 7th St.
  • Massachusetts Ave. NW / 5th St.

Passengers can board at K St. NW / 14th St. (westbound) to continue to Georgetown & Whitehaven.

  • Massachusetts Ave. NW / 7th St.
  • New York Ave. NW / 9th St.
  • K St. NW / 12th St.