NoMa Study

Last year, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) conducted the DC Circulator Transit Development Plan Update. During this study the NoMA, “North of Massachusetts Avenue,” area was identified as a top neighborhood for future DC Circulator service.

NoMa is one of the city’s fastest growing neighborhoods with more than 54,000 employees, 36,000 residents and more than 17 million square feet of new development planned for the near future.

Although NoMa is already served by Metrobus and Metrorail, participants in the study stated that long travel times and/or multiple transfers make it difficult to use current public transit options from NoMa to other popular destinations in the District.

NoMa is also the largest DC activity center not served by a DC Circulator route. Taking all these facts into consideration, DDOT is studying the potential of expanding the DC Circulator system to connect NoMa with neighborhoods that could be better served by transit. Before creating a new route, DDOT is seeking input from NoMa residents, workers and visitors to help determine a route that could best serve the greater community’s needs. DDOT is also researching the projected growth in NoMa that could influence where residents, employees and visitors would like to connect and enjoy access in the future.


The official comment form closed on December 7, 2015. DDOT would like to thank the nearly 1000 participants who submitted digital comment forms as part of the NoMa Circulator Study. Your detailed feedback will be a critical component of the route planning analysis as we transition through the second phase of the project.

In addition, we are holding focus groups in December 2015 to obtain additional insights from residents, employees and visitors to NoMa. You can still find the five route options here for further review. Sign up for our special mailing list to have new updates and information regarding the NoMa study delivered right to your inbox.