Woodley Park – Adams Morgan – McPherson Square

Sunday - Thursday: 7am - Midnight
Friday and Saturday: 7am - 3:30am


Originating at Woodley Park in the direction of McPherson Square

Connecticut Ave NW/24th St.
18th St. NW/Calvert Rd
Columbia Rd/Ontario St NW
Mt. Pleasant St NW/Irving St.
Irving St NW/14th St.
14th St. NW/U St.
14th St. NW/P St.
K St. NW/13th St.
I St. NW/14th St.


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Originating at McPherson Square in the direction of Woodley Park

14th St. NW/K St.
14th St. NW/Rhode Island Ave
14th St. NW/U St.
Columbia Rd NW/14th St
Columbia Rd NW/between 15th & 16th St.
Columbia Rd NW/Ontario St.
Columbia Rd/18th St. NW/Adams Mill Rd.
Connecticut Ave NW/24th St.