Dupont Circle – Georgetown – Rosslyn

Sunday – Thursday: 7am - Midnight
Friday and Saturday: 7am - 2am


Originating at Rosslyn in the direction of Dupont Circle

Rosslyn Metro Station (corner of 19th St. N & N Moore St. )
M St. NW/34th St.
M St. NW/Potomac St. NW 
M St. NW between Wisconsin Ave & 31st St.
M St. NW/Thomas Jefferson
Pennsylvania Avenue NW/28th St.
L St. NW/24th St.
M St. NW/New Hampshire Ave.
19th St. NW/N St.

Originating at Dupont Circle in the direction of Rosslyn

19th St. NW/N St.
M St. NW/New Hampshire Ave.
M St. NW/24th St
M St. NW/28th St.
M St. NW/30th St.
M St. NW/31st St.
M St. NW/Wisconsin Ave.
M St. NW/33rd St.
Rosslyn (corner of 19th St. N & N. Moore St.)